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Breaking the silence of abuse

Breaking the silence of abuse Breaking the silence of abuse Breaking the silence of abuse Breaking the silence of abuse



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On 04, Jun 2011 | No Comments | In Design for print | By Language

Longford Women’s Link provides support, information and advocacy to women and children affected by domestic abuse, particularly women from disadvantaged and marginalised areas without the resources to access fee-based legal or emotional support. Its aim is to support those living with domestic abuse to take control of their lives.

This project aimed to encourage people to break the silence around domestic violence; to challenge the oftentimes permissive attitude of society towards it and to empower women suffering abuse to contact the service for help. Because clients’ circumstances and experiences of abuse are so broad it was important to tell as many stories as possible as simply as possible in order to resonate with as wide a group as possible. We devised a deceptively simple drawing style coupled with minimal text achieved this in a most effective way. In order to reach everyone in the catchment area An Post was used to deliver a copy of the Breaking the Silence booklet to every household in County Longford.

The uptake on the service in the 3 months immediately after distributing the booklet was remarkable with a five-fold increase in the number of contacts made. This project was subsequently rolled-out in Laois.


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