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On 12, Apr 2011 | No Comments | In Campaigns, Web and Social | By Language

Central Statistics Office

Census 2011 makes its mark with a campaign that amplifies the real, human benefits of participation for individuals, families and communities. Emotion and empowerment are central to the appeal of this multi-channel, integrated campaign across TV, outdoor, radio, online, PR and press.

A series of animated TV ads and radio ads were produced to target each of three identified core target markets (young – interested in self; middle aged – interested in family; older – interested in community). In addition, special interest groups were targeted including non-nationals, carers and certain demographic groups. To enhance engagement and effectiveness, the media activation plan served a Census campaign tailored to each group’s specific interest.

The Effect

According to Aileen Healy of the Central Statistics Office: “The Census awareness campaign made a major contribution to help CSO achieve its objective of 100% coverage in the census. Senior management to the highest levels in the organisation were extremely pleased with the coverage and effectiveness of the campaign”


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