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Census 2011

By Language

On 11, Jul 2011 | In | By Language

The Challenge

The Census client asked for three things:

  • An idea that engages the population in the broader importance of Census 2011;
  • A campaign that builds awareness of the importance of Census and the key dates, statutory obligations and key messages;
  • An agency they can trust to deliver an integrated, effective campaign.

In addition they requested a campaign that could highlight:

  • a new way of marking the Census, with a horizontal dash instead of
  • an x to allow automated scanning, needed to be highlighted;
  • relevance to specific audiences including some non-national communities and inner city DE communities;
  • recruitment opportunities for 5,000 enumerators applying online only.

The Solution

We put together a creative task force to develop ideas. We developed a longlist of 20 propositions which was ultimately whittled down to just one – Make Your Mark. This creative platform was built on the truth that Census 2011 gives each of us the opportunity to influence the future shape of our society. Whoever you are, you have the power to make your mark. No matter what task we threw at it; it worked. For example, it was a great platform to recruit enumerators (make your mark in your community as a Census enumerator), for special interest groups (carers – make your mark) and to enhance engagement in areas where participation was traditionally below average (Make Your Mark on Dolphin’s Barn).

The campaign was activated across two phases, by an integrated team of Consumer Planning, Creative, Media, PR and digital led by Language:
Phase 1 – Enumerator Recruitment
Phase 2 – Public Awareness

In Phase 1 we built and promoted a Census 2011 website on which people could pre-register for enumerator positions in their local area.

In Phase 2 we activated a new information website and an integrated campaign across TV, outdoor, radio, online, PR and press. A series of animated TV ads and radio ads were produced to target each of three identified core target markets (young – interested in self; middle aged – interested in family; older – interested in community). In addition, special interest groups were targeted including non-nationals, carers and certain demographic groups. To enhance engagement and effectiveness, the media activation plan served a Census campaign tailored to each group’s specific interest.


The Effect

100% effective! According to Aileen Healy of the Central Statistics Office: “The Census awareness campaign made a major contribution to help CSO achieve its objective of 100% coverage in the census. Senior management to the highest levels in the organisation were extremely pleased with the coverage and effectiveness of the campaign”
In Phase 1, the Census site pre-registered 21,000 people for enumerator positions. The recruitment campaign was closed after one day when the required 16,000 applications were received online.






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