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Shedding light on hidden danger

Shedding light on hidden danger



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On 18, Oct 2012 | No Comments | In Campaigns | By Language

National Consumer Agency
We designed this campaign to educate and empower anyone who minds young children. It enables them to confidently identify the hazard of window blinds and take the few simple precautions that could save a life.


Animated online display

Since 2005 in Ireland, at least five children have died as a result of becoming entangled in window blind/curtain cords. Many more deaths from looped window cords have occurred throughout Europe every year.   People child-proof their homes but were unaware of this potential hazard, unaware of EU safety standards and unaware of the NCA as a provider of information and support.

We directed the public to demos on & Youtube with a promotional campaign including radio, PR, advertorial, search, parenting websites and facebook. These were designed to generate awareness of the risks & behavioural change through emotional engagement.

The target audience was highly engaged with this topic and Facebook worked particularly well as a channel with 185,000 consumers reached and record levels of debate and comment.


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