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“Yes” for children

“Yes” for children



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On 04, Oct 2012 | In Campaigns, Web and Social | By Language

Barnardos were asking for a Yes vote in the Children’s referendum to improve the rights of children in Ireland. Our online campaign helped them achieve just that, through engagement, awareness and understanding of how each Yes vote can protect the rights of every child in Ireland.

The campaign built steadily over three phases designed to build and maintain interest. Central to the campaign was an interactive video shared through Facebook and the Barnardo’s website, which clearly demonstrated the difference in outcome depending on whether the viewer voted yes or no.

This was supported by video testimonials and case studies from prominent Barnardo’s people and frontline staff as well as a series of infographics which built on the story as referendum day approached. To engage an audience outside those already interested, we released a series of entertaining videos featuring Irish comedians, each celebrating his or her own inner child.




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